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I just wanted to say thank you for giving my family your product in Jerrys a couple of days ago!! When I saw the ingredients I was so excited!!!! And it works and like immediately !!!!!! My face looks so much better and all of our bites are soothed thank GOD! I have to save these body scrubs for home they’re too good. Awesome awesome products. I can't wait to be able to buy big ones when we come back! Thank you :)
Ashlee and the Richardsons
I have so much to say about Sea Anchored Secrets! Let me start with the products themselves, I love that they are all natural. They take away the worry of what horrible chemicals am I putting on myself and my kids, but actually get the job done! They have significantly improved our quality of life while working and going to school on Sanibel Island. My kids used to be covered in bites even though I was constantly applying bug spray on them, it just would not work for the noseeums. This product does that and gives you a relief option if you do get bit with the exfoliating after bite scrub.
On to the women behind the anchor! Tymi and Jody are a pair of incredible women entrepreneurs. They have blown me away with kindness, sending a large donation of their products to help heal Sanibel Island in the wake of Hurricane Ian. They are helping to make a difference for those who are pouring their souls into rebuilding a beautiful, but noseeum filled place!!!
I can't recommend them enough. The product is just as amazing as the women.
Laciey Martinez

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