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Our Story

Have you ever been to a place that instantly soothed your soul? Have you ever heard the phrase; necessity is the mother of invention? These two seemingly unrelated things created Sea Anchored Secrets.

Sanibel Island is where our story began… the place that instantly soothed our souls.  We spent many years enjoying a small slice of paradise where we would visit Grandma and restore our souls. This quiet, quaint Island offered refuge to its natural inhabitants as well as those that sought it out. For many years all was fine until one much needed visit. This visit was following the devastating losses of my boys. Grandma urged us to come spend some time with her on her soul restoring slice of paradise.  We did just that, she was comforting, and it was soul soothing.  However, this time I was eaten alive by what’s commonly called No-See-Ums which is a midge, a very tiny gnat like insect. I had hundreds of little blister like lesions that itched incessantly. I was miserable and terrified that I wouldn’t be able to come back. For Jody and I this was where we soaked up Grandma's grace and rejuvenated our souls, so the thought of not being able to enjoy it was devastating.  I spent thousands of dollars that trip, buying any product that claimed to stop them from biting or stop the insane itching afterwards. Nothing I tried worked for me.  Grandma made a suggestion that my internal chemistry likely changed due to the loss of my boys and that might be the reason I was now being bitten.

We came home from that trip and decided that we needed to find something that would work for those nasty biting bugs, because not being able to visit wasn’t an option…necessity is the mother of invention.  We decided that we needed an education to properly create something that would work. We went back to school for cosmetic organic chemistry and formulation.  Thanks to Formula Botanica, we were now ready to research and formulate safely and effectively.  Researching, formulating and testing became a part of our trips until we finally got it right (the secret was in the sea) and that’s when Sea Anchored Secrets was officially brought to life.  Where land and sea collide to help your skin thrive!